Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How many links does it take to get to the center of a blog post?

We are having friends over tomorrow night before we go to HP together.
I wanted to make yummy treats and just fell to the defaults:
These yummies (which never look like the pictures).**
and this that I have been living off of for the past 2 weeks. (Apples are fruits!)

And we had these (if DK had a blog I would link you to him, but he is still the nicest guy I've ever met.) pals over on Monday. FHE, ya know.

And our house still smells like Indian food. But, Tyler just called so I have to make kilbasa and perojies for our din din. From yours truly, Sarah Martin.

**Remember to put the mini cheesecake pan, on the Christmas list.

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  1. yum!! you are nice. can't wait to have treats with you tomorrow and see HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!