Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just call me Savvy Shopper.

So I looked on Savvy Shopper and saw that there were some deals at Smiths. So, on a lonely Saturday night I went to the grocery store.
I got:
2- Simply Orange Juice (59 OZ)
2-Coffee-mate Creamers (16 OZ)
Blue Almond Milk (1/2 Gallons)**
2- boxes of Wheat Thins (10 OZ)
4- Go-Packs Minis (4 OZ)

Okay so how much do you think that they were? $29.22

How much did I pay you ask? Cause heaven only knows that I would not pay $29 for all that.


I saved 12.04 with my Smith's card and 13.00 with coupons. Just on this trip. (I have been to Smiths 3 times this week because I keep finding such good deals and have had time to run over there.)

Go take a look at Savvy Shopper. I am not joking. We have saved $233.00 just at Smiths without coupons, just using their deals. I have no idea how much we have saved with coupons since we have been married but it's a ton of money. Which is nice when you are newly married. Or even when you are not newly married and you just want to save money. Now it is kind of like a high to save money and see how much I can save!

** We don't drink coffee, but I needed 10 things to save $5 at Smith's and they made us 25 cents with our coupons. I will probably give it to someone at work who drinks coffee and it made me money!


  1. You can make ice cream with the coffee creamers. I love the coupon fairy Ashley. So inspiring.

  2. amazing. I use coffee creamer (vanilla) over frozen berries - it's a party in my mouth. way to go though!