Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Start off slow

I just uploaded pictures to my computer from Tyler's camera. So we are going to take a trip back in time and slowly get them all back up here.
May as well start with the beginning.

We went to Arizona in December to visit his family and friends.
Then we went on a date to nickel cade and it was dirty and I needed to wash my hands after, but a great time none the less.
Then in February we went to my dad's house back east and went to New York City for love day where we:
Went all around the whole city. Seriously. Experienced all the tourist attractions and ate Chipotle on the train ride home. (Yes we went to the big apple and ate at Chipotle.)
Went sledding with my little brother and sister and found some pretty sweet things to wear, as noted.
And we went on a romantic Valentine's date and saw the worst movie ever, but that was okay.

More to come.

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