Saturday, May 15, 2010


We are going to register. Who knows what we will register for and what we will end up getting.
Let's hope that Tyler can handle me when registering while having the flu. It's just got to get done at this point.

But, if you are getting married I found these checklists that really really help. My sister forgot a trash can and a microwave. They didn't buy a microwave for a while because they didn't want to spend the money on it so they heated everything up in the oven or stove top. Tyler and I will be sure to register for both those things now. She also forgot to eat on her wedding day and threw up outside of the temple. I think that story is really funny, but also another good reminder to eat on the big day. Those are the lessons learned and the joys of having older (much older) siblings who have been through this before.

Good luck to all the other brides (which seems to be everyone around me right now)!


  1. I'm glad my comment made you happy... that made me happy!

    Good luck with registering. It took us a while, mostly because I wanted to look at EVERY SINGLE THING in the store. Good thing my husband is, for the most part, extremely patient.

    That's fun that you're planning your wedding. It can be a lot of fun... but stressful, too, eh? Oh! And did you know that you won something on the Bright Side Project? That's how I found your name. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't me that won, and found out it was you.

    Wow, that was a behemoth comment. Sorry about that.

  2. Oh my gosh! I didnt even know! Ah! I am so happy I won. Seriously I have been trying because I set a goal to win! Yay! Thank you!
    And registering has been a zoo. We went one day for 2 hours and arent even half way done. We will be going back probably tomorrow. It is fun though, he enjoys shooting things. My fiance is patient with me too, thank heavens!