Monday, January 25, 2010

Because there's not enough time in the day.

Wow I suck at blogging. I am sorry. I will try to do it once a week or something.
But here's an update:
Last week I worked 40 hours and had two quizzes in classes. Next week will be the same, but 3 tests. Awesome.
I am taking 14 credits at school and staying super busy to say the least.
I live with Katelyn, Tracy and Miriem in an apartment and its great. I never get to sleep before 11PM anymore, would you look at that!!!
Tyler and I are going to my dads over Valentine's weekend. Looking forward to that is getting me through these couple weeks.
I play Bejewled now on facebook. Not a good idea since I should be studying or something.
I work at In N Out Burger and love it. Oh and I still work at Jamba Juice too every once in a while so that I am keeping up all my hours.
And finally, I am learning to cook. Well, learning to follow a recipe, slowly but surely.

Hope everyone else is doing great! There is a 96 percent chance that I miss you too.

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