Friday, November 13, 2009

Women in class who share too much.

I must blog vent.
There is ALWAYS at least one person in your class who you wished would have just signed up for a different time slot or something!
So in my cognitive psychology class we are going in depth into memory. It's interesting, yes. And at times it is really hard to remember all the things, so the lady who always raises her hand to ask pointless questions or questions that seem like she knows the answer to, raises her hand again. Of course. She begins telling how she remembers memory encoding and the elements of episodic memory. It is a long model to learn and memorize for the test...
But I dont want to know that you were molested by your father when you were little and you can't prosecute because of the memory encoding and that's how you remember the definition and model.
You just said that?
Why weren't you just stopping the words that came out of your mouth?
Do you not understand the definition of semantic memory?
The words you just said have some pretty deep meaning to be told in the middle of a lecture.
Thank you for making the professor feel really awkward that he started coughing and every one was silent and whispering.

Please just make words stop from coming out of your mouth. Please.
Thank you.

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  1. hahaha i loved this story. Sad but funny. i love that your professor just coughs ha buying himself some time while he decides whether to address it or move on. More comments from this girl please