Sunday, November 1, 2009

It all started with a facebook wall to wall.

Tyler Pack dear ashley,
this is very exciting news. practically? why not really? also i wrote you this short poem.

the girl who some call AC,
is more than just cold air to me.
for her i would lift covers to hot tubs,
and other heavy things bee tee dubs.


28 April at 10:39 · ·
Ashley Curtis

Ashley Curtis dear tyler,
i thought i should let you know that i am moving back to provo tomorrow as in one day from today and i will be living at your house. not really but practically. i know you are soooo excited.
ps. thanks for putting the cover on the other night. i was WAY too weak to pick that bad boy up and chuck it on the hot tub.

28 April at 10:32 · ·

That actually is how it all began. Who knew?

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