Thursday, November 19, 2009

Having the flu

So I had the stomach flu for the last 2 days. Man did it kick my butt!!! Holy moley. It's okay now though. I am so grateful that I am better. But during that time I got things done:
-Caught up on emailing people back.
-Watched a million episodes of Lost season 2. (okay not a million but enough).
P.S. I am utterly addicted to this show. And I am sure I will blog about it soon enough.
-I lost probably at least 4 pounds by the end of it all.
-I got to have Tyler completely take care of me. I mean I needed help with everything.
-And the best part... I got to post pone my test. BOO YEAH!

Hope everyone else is doing well and isn't sick... because being sick isn't fun unless you have a "Tylers" and a great family who takes care of you. Or if you have a test you aren't ready to take. I have both! Lucky me.

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