Friday, August 21, 2009


So I will admit that I stalk blogs. I have found some cool things today and I want to scream some of them because they are so creative, cute, fun and the people are willing to share this with everyone on the internet!!!! Also I really want these things. Why can't someone just give me funds to buy them things? I think it's an actual job. It's called a personal shopper. Me?
These people did a camping wedding. How creative can you be?
This is an adorable idea to show your friends, family and your future child.
Not all that personal. But I am LUSTING this right now.
Lust: crave: have a craving, appetite, or great desire for
How bored would we, as adults, get without any form of internet and TV for 4 hours. This child is the furthest thing from bored.
Tyler sent me this one. Unbelievable.
This wedding was free because some talented people had a cup of coffee together. Go for it.
This could be my favorite idea ever. Tyler showed me this one too. How precious is this to keep everyone posted? And your kids will always know where they came from. Literally.
Just like his mommy.

Also Project Runway Season 6 has started... The first episode hasn't been postted yet, but it will be soon at


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  1. i love so many blogs too - it's my creative outlet for all of the things i would buy/do if i could! i especially love interior design blogs!