Monday, August 17, 2009

Eat. Pray. Love.

I have to rave for one second about this book. I started reading it three days ago and I am in love. The author gets out of an unsatisfying and unfulfilling marriage and immediately falls madly in love with a man who can't return the love she is thrusting at him. What does she do? Runs away to Italy, India and Indonesia, of course! No, I don't just love it because I can relate to all the emotions she is explaining and the fact that she fled from the country to get away from the dysfunctional relationship. (Okay, yes maybe I do love it for these reasons). BUT it is a good story of someone starting over when she is in her mid 30's. 
Ironic that my old roommate, Emily, told me to read it last semester when she started it and I happened to find it in the room I was in at my Teta (Aunt) Linda's house. I decided I put off reading it long enough and just picked it up. (Yet to be put down.) But I am glad I decided to put off reading it until now because I appreciate it that much more. (And I don't think she is crazy for going to Italy to get away from someone she loves... well loved.)
The End. 

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