Thursday, August 20, 2009

East Coast Visit

Everybody catching crabs.

Adults versus Kids whiffle ball game.
Aunt Vicki
Grandma was the MVP of the game. Love this picture.
Ellie getting the line ready.
All the crabs that we caught.
A crab got stuck in the net so Alex came and got it out.
Performing surgery on the poor net.
"It's okay, they have a tough exoskeleton." -Jeffery
Grandma and Grandpa with their cupcakes and cake.

So I spent 6 days back East with my dad and my step mom's family because it was my grandpa's 80th Birthday and my grandma's 75th is coming up! Here are some pictures from the party.

That's 80 $1 Bills. Grandpa was thrilled to say the least...
Aunt Vicki telling a story
I love this picture for some reason.
Oh and of course this one with Ellie and Hunter my little sister and brother.
Lucas, Aunt Vicki and Gracie kayaking at the bay where the party was.

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